Don Quote #2

Quote from Don in Assault with a Deadly Dick

Don: Now, what happened?
Sally: The radio was stolen out of our rambler.
Don: A.M. with those push buttons?
Sally: Yes.
Don: Those sick bastards! Fill out this form.
Sally: Form? Then what happens?
Don: I make a copy of it.
Sally: And then?
Don: Then on Thursday a girl comes in and files it. Paperwork. If I had my way, I'd be out in the streets putting the rats back in their holes.
Sally: Well, Don, if I had a gun like that, I wouldn't be sitting behind a desk until I ran out of bullets.


 ‘Assault with a Deadly Dick’ Quotes

Quote from Dick

Don: Okay, Mr. Solomon, it's time to finger your perp.
Dick: [points to Mary] Believe me, I've tried, but she just won't let me.

Quote from Mrs. Dubcek

Mrs. Dubcek: Hi, hi. I heard about your car radio. Did you call the cops?
Dick: Oh, I don't think that's necessary.
Mrs. Dubcek: Well, don't be silly. You go down to the station, you ask for Officer Franco, an Italian gentlemen, very nice. He came right over when my boyfriend got beat up in my living room.
Dick: Your boyfriend got beat up in your own house?
Mrs. Dubcek: Yeah. Well, my husband didn't care for him.

Quote from Don

Harry: Well, Officer Don, we're here to report a crime.
Sally: I blame myself. I dropped my guard.
Don: It's not your fault. Crime happens. On the surface, Rutherford may look like small town America, but just beneath the well-manicured lawns lies a hotbed of criminal activity. We may be in the shadow of Cleveland, but it's in the shadows where evil lurks.