Kevin Quote #175

Quote from Kevin in Todd Packer

Dwight K. Schrute: Holly, you approved this?
Holly: Yes, I did. I think Todd's gonna make a great addition to the staff.
Jim: You did approve it?
Holly: Yeah.
Kevin: What don't you understand about the word approved? It seems a couple of you don't know what the word approved means.
[aside to camera:]
Kevin: I have very little patience for stupidity.


 ‘Todd Packer’ Quotes

Quote from Pam

Pam: I got Erin a new computer, because the one at reception sucked. I should know. And I don't wanna say the other one was old, but its I.P. number was one! [laughs cautiously] Right?

Quote from Holly

Holly: I'm sorry about your friend.
Michael Scott: Nah, he's an ass.
Holly: [Brahmin accent] You are.
Michael Scott: [Brahmin accent] You are.
Holly: What are you wicked smart?
Michael Scott: No you are.
Holly: Who are?
Michael Scott: [kisses her, speaks normally] You are.

Quote from Jim

Jim: Alright, okay. Well this isn't my best, but call Froggy101, say that we're the tour manager for Justin Bieber, and we're giving away free tickets, we give him a number to call for the tickets, and it's his own number.
Dwight K. Schrute: Who is Justice Beaver?
Jim: He... It's a crime fighting beaver.