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Quote from Axl in Twenty Years

Brick: Where's my book, Axl? I know you took it.
Axl: Hey! Until I see some proof, I will not even address these malicious and spurious charges! Law & Order. Watch it.


 ‘Twenty Years’ Quotes

Quote from Brick

Sue: You guys! You're supposed to be helping me with the party! You know what your jobs are, so do them!
Axl: [to Brick] Sisters, huh? [chuckles] She's crazy. Good thing we got each other. Right, bro? Come on, Brick. What do you want me to say? I can't rewind time. I can't undo what I did. I messed up. I'm sorry. Just be my brother again, all right? I can't be alone with these people.
Brick: [sits up] I don't play sports. I don't exactly have a ton of friends. I have books. You don't read. You don't understand. You don't know what it's like to live in different worlds, to travel on great adventures through the galaxy with people you know better than you know your own family, to live and die with them. Have you ever loved anything? Do you have any idea? These are my friends, Axl. My best friends in the world. You took away something from me that I can never get back. You took it, and you wrecked it.

Quote from Mike

Mike: Come on, Frankie. You- You never get tired and don't feel like talking?
Frankie: No. My husband calls, I pick up the phone. What if it had been an emergency?
Mike: Was it an emergency?
Frankie: No. For your information, I was calling to tell you you were cute.
Mike: See, that's the problem with cell phones. It's created a world where people call you just... with whatever thought pops into their head. What I do is, I actually remember the interesting things that happen during the day, and then I share them when I get home. If you think about it, that's... much more thoughtful.

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Quote from Bat Out of Heck

Mike: What's your problem?
Axl: You're still treating me like a kid! I don't need you to tell me how to do things anymore. You're telling me all the time. You're making me nuts. And I know I'm the younger lion and I'm challenging you and we're supposed to "lock horns"...
Mike: Lions don't have horns.
Axl: You don't need to tell me that lions don't have horns!
Mike: Well, you just said...
Axl: I know lions don't have horns. I just want to drive my own car.
Mike: Look, I'm older than you. I know you think you know best, but there's still a lot more you have to learn, and it's my job to teach you. It's been my job your whole life!
Axl: Okay, so, is that how it's gonna be, like, forever? 'Cause you'll always be older than me, and Grandpa Big Mike will always be older than you, and there's a guy in Jasper who's like 103. He'll always be older than all of us. Maybe he should drive us home.

Quote from The Graduate

Axl: Hello, summer! Goodbye, pants. I will see you in September.