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Quote from Mike in Survey Says...

Mike: It's just such a big part of who he is, you know? I mean, when he was a kid, he was so fast. He m... He moved so fast, like a... fast thing, and I thought, "This kid might actually be able to do this."
Frankie: What? Professionally?
Mike: Mm.
Frankie: Like in the NF football league?
Mike: For a couple of years. Then, obviously, he would open a steakhouse.
Frankie: Pbht!
Mike: You were right.
Frankie: No, duh. I always am.
Mike: Not just that it was a big part of him. It was a big part of me. I was a guy whose kid played football, and now I'm not. It's not fair. They just decide they can quit football, go to Dollywood. They think they can do what they want.
Frankie: Well, they can.

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