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Quote from Mr. Ehlert in The Telling

Mr. Ehlert: All right, listen up, space-wasters. In case you're not clear on this, this is not a parking lot. You can actually sell those cars out there. And don't whine to me about the economy. My wife's paint-huffing brother just got a job, so it's back. Now I want to hear some ideas. Pete? Nothing. Bob. Nothing. Fish-Face. Nothing!
Pete: Sir, that- That was a customer.
Frankie: You know, the Indy 500 is coming up. What if we had a radio station broadcast live from the lot and tied it in with the race? [Pete socffs]
Mr. Ehlert: Hmm. Interesting. Pete, you want to repeat that in a man's voice so I can see if I like it?
Bob: I can do it, sir.
Mr. Ehlert: I said, "a man's voice." You know what? Forget it. I love the idea. The Indy 500. We go live on the radio and promise to sell 500 cars in 5 days, and if it doesn't work, it's your fault.
Frankie: But-
Mr. Ehlert: "But" nothing! Now somebody go sell Fish-Face a car.

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