Mr. Ehlert Quote #38

Quote from Mr. Ehlert in The Telling

Mr. Ehlert: All right, listen up, space-wasters. In case you're not clear on this, this is not a parking lot. You can actually sell those cars out there. And don't whine to me about the economy. My wife's paint-huffing brother just got a job, so it's back. Now I want to hear some ideas. Pete? Nothing. Bob. Nothing. Fish-Face. Nothing!
Pete: Sir, that- That was a customer.
Frankie: You know, the Indy 500 is coming up. What if we had a radio station broadcast live from the lot and tied it in with the race? [Pete socffs]
Mr. Ehlert: Hmm. Interesting. Pete, you want to repeat that in a man's voice so I can see if I like it?
Bob: I can do it, sir.
Mr. Ehlert: I said, "a man's voice." You know what? Forget it. I love the idea. The Indy 500. We go live on the radio and promise to sell 500 cars in 5 days, and if it doesn't work, it's your fault.
Frankie: But-
Mr. Ehlert: "But" nothing! Now somebody go sell Fish-Face a car.


 ‘The Telling’ Quotes

Quote from Frankie

Frankie: [on the phone] Mike, are you listening? You want to be in the front of the classroom... Because that's where they put out the sign-up sheets. Got it?
Mike: Yes. [Mike walks out into the hallway so he can hear Frankie better]
Frankie: Repeat it.
Mike: Front of the classroom. I'm not deaf.
Frankie: Now listen. The second Ms. Tibbits stops talking, you need to make your move. Take those long legs and run. And don't be polite. Remember that Colts game where you cut in front of that kid and made him cry so Peyton Manning would sign your football? Channel that guy. And as soon as you get to the sign-up sheets, you look for the words "purchase" or "bring" on it. That means we can shop and dump. Paper products are best. And stay away from anything that says "beautify." That's just a fancy word for cleaning. And should anyone ask you, you have no special skills, nor do you own or know how to use tools. Are you getting this?
Mike: I think so.
Frankie: Are you in the front of the class?
Mike: Uh, no. The teacher started talking, so I stepped in the hall to hear you better.
Frankie: The hall? Are you nuts? She could stop talking at any time. You get back in there. Go, go, go, go, go, go!

Quote from Brick

Brick: Dad, you don't get it. I give Mom information, she gives me candy. I give it to the bullies at school, they leave me alone. There's a whole fragile ecosystem you're messing with.
Mike: Look...
Brick: [holds up a finger] [whispers] Ecosystem.

Quote from Frankie

Mike: Okay. I got a bunch of questions.
Frankie: They're candy cigarettes.
Mike: Yeah. I connected those dots when he ate one. What are they for?
Frankie: Information. He told me about Axl and Sue.
Mike: Wait, what?
Frankie: Yeah, you know, the desk chair and the earrings? How do you think I find out about stuff around here?
Mike: So wait a minute... Brick is a snitch?
Frankie: I prefer the term "whistle-blower."