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Quote from Sophia in The Operation

Sophia: Fine. Don't have the surgery. Let me suffer.
Dorothy: Ma, it's my foot.
Sophia: Your foot? My heart. Do you have any idea how much a mother suffers when she sees her child in pain?
Dorothy: Look, Ma, Ma, don't do this!
Sophia: I'll tell you how much. Worse than the 23 hours of labor it took to bring you into this world.
Dorothy: -bring you into this world.
Sophia and Dorothy: Worse than the burns I got working nights as a fry cook to help put you through college.
Sophia: Worse than the time-
Dorothy: All right, all right, Ma! I'll have the surgery! You win! You always win. But you don't play fair.
Sophia: That's why I always win.


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Quote from Rose

Rose: Hey, we've all got our sad stories.
Blanche: What?
Rose: Look, Blanche, we've practiced for six weeks. We've paid for our costumes, we told everybody we'd be there! You're not gonna wimp out on me. You're gonna go to that recital. If you end up in a puddle tonight, well, you'd just better break into "Singin' in the Rain"!

Quote from Blanche

Blanche: Rose, I have a confession to make. Flying isn't the only thing I'm afraid of. I also have a fear of performing. In front of groups, that is.

Quote from Sophia

Dorothy: I know what she means, Ma. I just don't need to hear it the night before surgery!
Sophia: Come on, don't be such a baby! I had my appendix out in a hospital in Sicily. That was rough!
Rose: Why?
Sophia: They didn't believe in anesthesia back then. They had a nurse hold a pillow over your face so the other patients couldn't hear your screams. You had to pay extra for that. Sicily, love it or leave it.