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Quote from Rose in Yes, We Have No Havanas

Dorothy: I'm sorry, Rose, but I have to grade you like everybody else.
Rose: Well, look, Dorothy, you made a mistake. I got that question right.
Dorothy: Rose, the question was "Who was the leader of the Third Reich?" You wrote "Fritz Stickelmeyer," your high school history teacher. The correct answer is Adolf Hitler.
Rose: Where's my history book? Is this the man we're talking about?
Dorothy: Yes, that is Adolf Hitler.
Rose: You can call him whatever you want, but that's Fritz Stickelmeyer. I'm as sure of that as I am that's Eva Braun standing next to him.
Dorothy: You recognize Eva Braun?
Rose: Well, sure. She was our high school P.E. teacher. It was rumored she used to date Mr. Stickelmeyer.
Dorothy: Rose, that's it. I just can't take any more. With this question right, you have a D minus. Rose, you're a high school graduate.

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