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Quote from Rose in Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

Rose: I remember the last time I tried to give a speech. I was in high school. You wanna hear about it?
Blanche: Would you follow us if we tried to make a run for it?
Rose: Yes.
Blanche: You were saying?
Rose: It was my high school graduation. I was valedictorian.
Blanche: You were valedictorian?
Rose: Yes. I was fourth out of 19 graduating seniors. Anyway-
Dorothy: Wait a minute. Rose, if you were fourth, how were you chosen valedictorian?
Rose: The same way every high school chooses the valedictorian. We drew straws.
Dorothy: And you picked the biggest one.
Rose: I don't like to brag. Anyway, the topic of my speech was "There's a big world out there but you have to change buses in Tyler's Landing if you want to see it. " Now, graduation day came and everybody was there. The mayor was there, his wife, old Johannson, young Johannson, big and little Gustav, the Stringmeyer twins, fat Jerry...
Dorothy: Will you get to the point, Rose?
Rose: The point is I choked. Wimped out, froze on the spot. Since then, I have never been able to speak in front of a crowd.
Sophia: I say next time, we try and outrun her.

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