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Quote from Dave Kim in The Strangest Affair of All Time

Adult Adam: [v.o.] Barry was right. I was the king of big, apologetic gestures.
Dave Kim: The Say Anything boombox? I'm turning on the sprinklers!
Adam: Aw, geez! [trips] Ohh!
Adult Adam: [v.o.] Problem was, Dave Kim knew all my moves.
Dave Kim: Sappy montage of all our greatest moments, some in shameless slow-motion, set to an emotionally manipulative song?
Adult Adam: [v.o.] So I pulled out my biggest weapon.
Adam: Okay, okay! Here he comes!
Adult Adam: [v.o.] Not even Dave Kim could resist a giant musical number.
Adam: A-one and a-two...
Dave Kim: Stop! Nobody dance!
Adam: But we have a humongous choreographed musical number set to the song "Friends" by rap-pop duo Whodini.
Dave Kim: You don't get it. The only reason I even chose NYU was because you were going to be there. But after what you did, we are no longer friends, and we never will be.


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Quote from Barry

Dave Kim: What the actual [bleep]?!
Erica: Whoa!
Barry: Eddie Murphy words!
Dave Kim: You guys convinced your brother not to live with me next year.
Barry: We have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, Dave Kim.
Erica: I think that you should examine the possibility that Adam despises you.
Adam: [scoffs] No, no, no, no. It's just a personal whim.
Dave Kim: A "personal whim," you say? So this carelessly-placed chalkboard wouldn't happen to include a detailed list that led Adam to his ill-fated decision?
Barry: Merely a simple chalkboard for playing Hangman and other games I can't think of right now. [Dave Kim flips the chalkboard over] Whoa! That thing flips? I've been turning it longwise.

Quote from Dave Kim

Dave Kim: "Reasons Not To Live With DK." Unbelievable!
Adam: Well, you don't know. [chuckles] "DK" could stand for Donna Karan. Or Donkey Kong.
Dave Kim: Turtlenecks! Bowl cut! My profound sleep apnea?! Only you and Dave Kim's mom know about that!
Erica: So we're trying to help our little brother not be a social disaster before he even starts college. It's not personal. Sorta.
Dave Kim: [scoffs, chuckles] You're gonna go there? Because you're just a married lady who can't sing. Drop out of another school, why don't you?! Because your best years are behind you!
Erica: Whoa!
Barry: Ha! He got you bad.
Dave Kim: And you. With your stupid fingers and gross shirts and fake bravado masking colossal insecurity. You're a buffoon who can't rap, runs weird, and no one likes you!
Barry: What are these words?!
Adam: Let's just take a beat.
Dave Kim: You're the worst of all. 'Cause you listened to them. Unum-dip-shnee-[whistles]-vici-ate-you-hay.
Erica: What'd he say?
Adam: Horrible, horrible things.
Barry: [after writing "Mean!" on the chalkboard] Mean.

Quote from Adam

Beverly: Boys, catch Vic up on Dynasty in the next seconds.
Barry: Buckle up! Low-born nobody Krystle marries silver fox oil baron Blake Carrington.
Adam: Nick blames Blake for his brother's su1c1de in an Iraqi prison, but, really, he just wants to seduce his daughter.
Barry: Turns out, Fallon is alive, but she has amnesia!
Adam: She goes by Randall Adams now.
Barry: Blake and Nick fight on a mountain, Blake falls off a pony, and totally dies.
Adam: Cecil and Alexis are all... [smooching]
Vic: Oh!
Adam: But then he has a heart attack, and he's all, "Ohh!"
Barry: Turns out, Liam is alive, but he has amnesia!
Both: Krystle and Alexis fight before the Black and White Ball.
Barry: ... on a mountain. Krystle and Alexis fight in a mudslide.
Adam: Krystle and Alexis fight in a parlor. And then they find out they're all cousins.
Vic: Cousins?