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Quote from Bill Lewis in The Wedding Singer

Bill Lewis: There she is, the woman who made the little devil who's taking my angel.
Beverly: And there's the man who once broke one of our dining room chairs 'cause he sat down too fast.


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Quote from Pops

Adult Adam: [v.o.] In order to prove to my dad I could make an emotional wedding video, I began shooting my first-ever serious interview.
Adam: All right, Pops. I need emotion and heart. Just look into the camera and tell Barry and Lainey everything you feel.
Pops: Everything?
Adam: Everything.
Pops: Barry and Lainey, words can't describe how I feel about you two. Makes me think back to my own life. I had no parents. I had brothers who said, "If you get married, we won't help you." I had a rare condition. My appendix burst inside without causing me any pain. I have one large scar across my abdomen and one scar all the way down my right side. And I had my kidney- One of my kidneys removed. Can I erase that erase about the kidney? That's all I have to say.
Adam: Uh cut?
Pops: That was fun. How'd I do?
Adam: We've had a lot of fun here. Maybe too much. Let's stop.
Pops: Well, if you need anything else, just let me know. See you later, kiddo.

Quote from Beverly

Barry: I told you, me and Lainey just want a small wedding with a deejay and spaghetti bar.
Beverly: Well, when it's your wedding, you can serve spaghetti.
Barry: It is my wedding!
Beverly: Let me explain exactly how this works. I know exactly what you want, not you.
Barry: How is that even possible?
Beverly: See, your body grew in my body, transferring all your thoughts and choices into me.
Barry: But I am me! I know what me wants!
Beverly: No, I am you, and you want what I want.
Erica: That's ironclad logic from where I sit.

Quote from Bill Lewis

Bill Lewis: You know, I know the bride's side always does the planning, but now that they picked a date and it's coming fast, I thought I would just check in, make sure I'm on track.
Beverly: Smart. So, tell me about the florist.
Bill Lewis: Can't, 'cause there ain't one.
Beverly: You've at least booked a wedding singer, right?
Bill Lewis: Strike two!
Beverly: Please tell me you booked a venue.
Bill Lewis: Of course. I'm deciding between the parking lot of my tile store or nothing, 'cause there is no venue.