The Goldbergs - Geoff Quote #72

Quote from Geoff in The Scrunchie Rule

Geoff: Okay, I think I may have a solution. When I went to visit my cousin at UCLA, I found out that there's one thing that overrules the scrunchie: an out-of-town guest. I mean, you can't make a visitor sleep in the common room. That's just rude.
Erica: And it's perfect. All I need is an out-of-town guest, and I win!
Geoff: How 'bout a foxy one who no longer needs his asthma nebulizer because he went through a yearlong course of shots for dust mites? That was supposed to sound cooler than it did.


‘The Scrunchie Rule’ Quotes

Quote from Beverly

Adam: Mama, I need you!
Beverly: Schmoopie, you're home!
Adam: I came home 'cause I missed you. And I got scawwed. [babbling] Uhh, will you give me sniffies on my head?
Beverly: I am gonna sniff the [bleep] out of your head!

Quote from Barry

Other Erica: Ugh! How did you live with your sister for so long?
Barry: I was a baby for the first part, so I don't remember anything. But once I was able to form memories, it got awful. So, I get it.

Quote from Barry

Other Erica: What? Did we just finish each other's-
Both: sentences? [Both gasp]
Barry: Wow, we did it again!
Other Erica: Your Drakkar suddenly smells good to me.
Barry: My sweat activates it.
Other Erica: Awesome.

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Quote from Dinner with the Goldbergs

Adult Adam: [v.o.] And with that, the Goldbergs officially broke the sweetest boyfriend in the world.
Beverly: Waiter, over here.
Geoff: No! This has never been our waiter! Look at his face! He's an entirely different person!
Erica: Geoff, you're making a scene.
Geoff: Oh, right, because the last thing we want is some unwanted, negative attention! This family should be barred from any and all dining establishments. I'm talking Beefsteak Charlie's, China Garden, Applebee's, even Tony Roma's.
Barry: I hear they make a top-notch shrimp scampi.
Geoff: Oh, my God. At a steak place, you get steak. And at a place for ribs, you eat ribs with your dominant hand without complaining that the world is prejudiced against you.
Adam: Burn! He got you good.
Geoff: And you, you know, despite your age, you still look like and sound like a tiny boy, so just order accordingly.
Beverly: He's right. You barely touched that steak.
Geoff: And you. You turned your purse into a mini-fridge. You took an hour to order, then stole food from that table, and then sent it back.
Pops: Hey, we're trying to enjoy Devon's graduation dinner in peace!
Geoff: And you! That's just a nice family trying to have a special meal together. Leave them alone!
Murray: What's Captain Soup going on about?
Geoff: And you, with your menu rules and your communal soda and you're forcing me to just eat soup? You think I didn't want steak?! I chose this place! I love their meats and their sides, and why do you keep eating through everything I'm saying right now? You know, you really are ruining our good people's name, and you know what I'm talking about.

Quote from Jimmy 5 is Alive

Erica: Dude, did you tape over your fifth birthday party?
Barry: That could have been anyone's parents.
Geoff: No, I remember that party. Your mom gave me a haircut because she said mine did a bad job.

Quote from Rush

Geoff: 'sup, Erica? Really feeling the flock today, am I right?
Erica: Ugh. Flock of Seagulls is so last week, Geoff. We're all about Debbie Gibson now.
Geoff: But I used an entire jar of honey for this. [Bees buzzing] I've been fighting off bees all morning.