Beverly Quote #469

Quote from Beverly in The Tasty Boys

Murray: What the hell happened?
Beverly: I wrecked the kitchen. Now I have no place to cook. We're going to have to order Italian take-out like a group of hobos.


 ‘The Tasty Boys’ Quotes

Quote from Barry

Barry: Do you realize what this means? If the Beasties can make it, so can we. Answer me this. Do we not have a license to ill?
Adam: Dude, you spelled license wrong.
Barry: Don't pass this offer up, Ad-Rock. I think you have what it takes to join my Beastie Boys-inspired group, The Tasty Boys.
Adam: Can we give it five minutes more on the name?
Barry: No, the name is stuck!

Quote from Barry

Adam: You'd really let me into your rap super-group?
Barry: Of course. Your weird voice sounds like you have a young man and an old woman stuck in your body, so I'll clearly be the breakout star.

Quote from Bill Lewis

Beverly: You bastards! It's exactly the same.
Bill Lewis: I'm a good reader of people and you don't seem pleased.