Pops Quote #65

Quote from Pops in Goldbergs Never Say Die

Beverly: Your finances are a mess.
Pops: Oh, please.
Beverly: You're late paying your bills, you've been forgetting to cash your checks, and you've made some very questionable investments.
Pops: I believe in that alpaca farm. The alpaca is the dog of the future.


 ‘Goldbergs Never Say Die’ Quotes

Quote from Dave Kim

Dave Kim: Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop. Question. Which Goonie am I?
Adam: Oh, yeah, Dave Kim. Good question. Who's left? Let's see. Hmm, tough call. Well, Brand is taken, so-
Dave Kim: You wanted me to be Data.
Adam: What? No. I just invited all of my closest friends over to hang out.
Dave Kim: You've literally never invited me over before.
Adam: So you don't think we're friends. That really stings, Dave Kim really stings. But since you're here, you might as well wear this elaborate gadget and trench coat.

Quote from Adam

Adam: I, of course, will be Mikey, leader of the Goonies. *Uses inhaler* That was both in reference to my character, also to help my seasonal allergies.

Quote from Pops

Barry: Mom, leave him alone. A handsome sixty-year-old has the right to do whatever he wants.
Pops: You think I'm 60? Get over here.
Beverly: And stop giving cash to the kids every time they lie to you about your age.
Murray: Bevy, leave the man alone. He's doing damn good for a 40-year-old.
Pops: This guy!