Murray Quote #83

Quote from Murray in You're Under Foot

Murray: Bevy! Where's my other black sock?
Beverly: In your sock drawer.
Murray: That drawer is a wasteland of unmatched pairs. It's chaos!
Beverly: Then wear a different pair.
Murray: I've already got my black one on! Ugh! This is a nightmare!


 ‘You're Under Foot’ Quotes

Quote from Pops

Pops: What the hell's that?
Murray: Ah, we do all our inventory on computers now.
Pops: What is this, the Star Wars?

Quote from Pops

Adam: Come on, pops. Let me win at least one.
Pops: That's a terrible lesson. I'm gonna beat your ass again real quick.

Quote from Beverly

Barry: Ow! Ow! My tooth! My tooth!
Beverly: How do you hurt yourself eating cereal?
Barry: I bit the free toy!
Beverly: If it doesn't look like cereal, don't chew on it.