Pops Quote #31

Quote from Pops in Call Me When You Get There

Adam: Pops? Pops!
Pops: Over here!
Adam: What happened?
Pops: I have fallen. And I cannot get up.


 ‘Call Me When You Get There’ Quotes

Quote from Beverly

Murray: Bevy, calm down, okay? Every time our kids leave the house, you assume that they're dead until they prove otherwise. Know that they're smart, responsible kids. Assume that they're alive.
Beverley: That's the stupidest thing you've ever said!

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: And rule number ten, and this is the most important rule, call me when you get there. Always call me when you get there.
Barry: Why do I have to call you when I get there? I'm there. I know I'm there.
Beverly: But I don't know. For all I know, you could be stranded in the middle of nowhere, lying face down in a ditch.

 Pops Solomon Quotes

Quote from Han Ukkah Solo

Adam: What am I watching?!
Pops: Come on. The duck is like E.T. He just wants to go home.
Adam: Then how come he's spending so much time managing that band?
Murray: Al, the duck's gonna make it with that lady. What have you brought us to?
Pops: A family film. It's a family film.
Adam: I can't watch this anymore.
Murray: Well, then let's go.
Adam: Really? We can do that?
Murray: It's about time you learned that an adult can walk out of anything and demand his damn money back. I do it once a year. Let's go.
Pops: Adam, no! It's not that bad. A lady and a duck in bed? Who the [bleep] thought this was a good idea?

Quote from Who Are You Going To Telephone?

Pops: Who you gonna telephone? The ghost fellas! From the movie.