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Quote from Barry in The Steve Weekend

Geoff: What's with the flowers?
Joanne: They're for Barry's exes. He thought it'd be a nice way to welcome them.
Barry: While my former lovers may no longer be able to enjoy my ripped bod or neon charisma, these flowers from the open lot across the street should ease the longing.
Erica: I'm gonna ignore it all and ask that you never say "lovers" again.


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Quote from Barry

Matt: You hear that, Bar? Dr. Stevie Stevenson has your dream job.
Barry: Please. Does he also own a secret chocolate factory on the side, but instead of chocolate, it's biscuits?
Matt: I just met him, but I'm 100% certain no.
Andy: No, right?
Matt: No, it's definitely no.
Andy: No.

Quote from Beverly

Lou Schwartz: Beverly, I assume you've seen this morning's Jenkintown Examiner?
Vic: Ooh, I love the Examiner. They did that expose on the donut place I like. My love of crullers helped fund the war in Nicaragua.
Beverly: No, this is about our children's wedding announcement.
Lou Schwartz: Kinda what I wanted to talk to you about, Beverly. "Geoffrey Todd Schwartz, son of L and L Schwartz, to wed Erica Goldberg, daughter of Beverly Goldberg, beloved cookbook author, beloved almost lawyer, and beloved Quaker Warden of William Penn Academy."
Beverly: Are you concerned there aren't enough "beloveds?"
Lou Schwartz: I faxed you a cornucopia of biographical information, none of which you included.
Beverly: Space was limited.
Lou Schwartz: So limited you couldn't include our first names? And why is there a photo of you?
Beverly: Well, I commissioned a portrait, but it wasn't ready.

Quote from Barry

Adult Adam: [v.o.] Back in the '80s, my brother was an unlikely ladies' man. But when he met Joanne, an equally unpredictable wildcard, he finally found his perfect fit.
Barry: Thank you for attending this emergency presentation of our plans for your bachelor and bachelorette parties.
Erica: None of this seems like an emergency.
Barry: Shut up! Let's begin with diving, scuba, cliff, and sky. Your body might explode from all the drastic changes in pressure.
Geoff: Yeah, the only thing I'm jumping out of is bed every morning at 5:00. More time for a lazy breakfast with a book.
Barry: Fret not, my gutless friend. I'll strap you to my back so if the chute doesn't open, we'll smash together into an indecipherable slop that our parents will pour into a single grave.
Joanne: Aw.
Erica: Fun.