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Quote from Barry in Major League'd

Barry: They just called me a four-eyed nerdling. That's so hurtful. Who talks to people like that just because they wear corrective lenses?
Adam: You? Almost every single day of my life?
Barry: Well, yeah, 'cause you're a four-eyed nerdling... Oh, no! I get it now!
Adam: You're just now getting that being called a nerd is hurtful?
Barry: Yes. Now that I'm affected, I care.
Adam: Great. 'Cause we actually have a chance to stand up and fight back.
Barry: No, guys I can't wear these things.
Adam: What's the worst that happens?
Barry: Look, there's a reason I refused to admit I needed these things. Yeah, I act all cool, but I'm not. And these glasses will just make it worse. I'm sorry. I can't do it.

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