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Quote from Murray in Geoff the Pleaser

Murray: Okay, first up is L. Lower expectations. It's something I've perfected over time.
Adam: Dad, can you quiz me with these science flash cards? Ah, who am I kidding? In all my years, you've never shown interest in my education.
Geoff: He thinks you're a worthless dad.
Murray: That took a lot of not doing. Next up is U. When there's no way out of something, underwhelm.
Beverly: This is how you wash a dish? Okay, no more washing dishes for you!
Geoff: You did a horrible job, and now she'll never ask you again.
Murray: I'm the worst. Next up is M, which stands for "mumble" and "moron."
Erica: Hey, Dad, can you show me how to change the oil in my car?
Murray: [mumbling]
Erica: What does that even mean?
Murray: Leave me alone, ya moron!

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