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That's No Lady, That's My Cousin

‘That's No Lady, That's My Cousin’

Season 3, Episode 3 -  Aired September 28, 1992

After Philip and Vivian break the news that they're expecting, they ask Hilary to move out of the house. Meanwhile, Ashley has her first day at a new school as Bel-Air Prep goes co-ed.

Quote from Will

Will: I know you better float your midget boat on out of here.
Kenny: Will, man, ease up.
Will: No, you ease up, man. What do you think you're doing?
Kenny: The same thing that you do. I'm just trying to press up this woman.
Will: That ain't no woman, that's my cousin.
Ashley: I am too a woman, and I'd appreciate it if you'd stay out of my business.
Will: Don't you shake your neck at me like that, girl.


Quote from Carlton

Kenny: [to Ashley] Baby, I'm telling you. You've got more moves than a bowl of Jell-O. And there's always room for Jell-O.
Ashley: Wow.
Will: Dude sounds like a jackass.
Carlton: Actually, Will, he sounds like you.
Ashley: So, Kenny, when are we going out?
Kenny: I don't know, baby. You have to let me check my book, and I'll get back to you. You see, I want to make sure I can give you my undivided attention.
Carlton: Actually, Will, he's better than you.

Quote from Will

Will: Um, Veronica, you know, I've thought about what you said yesterday and you know, I just wanted to tell you, you was right. I'm sorry about the way I behaved and I'd be real grateful if I could have your number, so I could call you.
Veronica: That's really nice. What did I say?
Will: What did you say?
Veronica: Yeah. You thought over what I said, and I was right. What did you agree with?
Will: Yo, it was deep. I agreed with all of it.
Veronica: You have no idea what I said, do you?
Will: Wait, hold up, girl, you tripping. I know what you said. You, you... 'Cause we was right here. You said that people who live in glass cribs shouldn't throw hard stuff.
Veronica: No.
Will: "Let your smile be your umbrella"? Alright, come on. Who cares what you said, baby. I'm saying I'm trying to be with you.
Veronica: That's the first honest thing you said to me.
Will: That's like a good thing, right?
Veronica: That's a very good thing.
Will: That's what I'm saying! Write down your number!
Veronica: You can't get it yet. But I've got your number.

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