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Quote from Philip in For Sale by Owner

Philip: Come on, let's sit down, sign some papers.
Ron: Mr. Banks, there's been a little mistake. Mr. Trump's nephew grew up at 508 Saint Cloud Road.
Hilary: And all this time I thought our address was 805 Saint Cloud Road.
Vivian: It is, Hilary.
Ron: It's very embarrassing. Apparently, I inverted the numbers. I don't know what to say, except I'm sorry.
Philip: That makes two of us.
Donald Trump: Well, that's business. Let's go down the street. I brought cash, it's quicker.
Marla Maples Trump: Nice meeting you all. It's just as well, it's too much of a fixer-upper.


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Quote from Geoffrey

Vivian: Geoffrey, we're gonna need some hors d'oeuvres tonight. What do we have in the house?
Geoffrey: Whatever he hasn't eaten.
Philip: Geoffrey, for once, could you please cut the sarcasm?
Geoffrey: Sarcasm? Whatever do you mean?

Quote from Geoffrey

Philip: All right. All right, so I have an ugly side.
Geoffrey: And you could write "Goodyear" on it.

Quote from Will

Will: Hey, girl. Now, Ashley, this is a million dollars here. Now, listen, Uncle Phil could put that money in the bank, right and then start getting all kinds of crazy interest. Then it's bonds, and then there's that T-bill stuff and then they got some certificates, and then- then- then junk be compounded.
Philip: What are you talking about?
Will: I have no idea.