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Quote from Philip in Granny Gets Busy

Hattie: You miss your father a lot, don't you, Zeke?
Philip: Somebody has to.
Hattie: What do you mean by that?
Philip: I was standing right there. I saw you kiss Ed good night, and now he's sitting in my daddy's place.
Hattie: You're the one who invited him to dinner and I'm glad you did.
Philip: Don't you feel anything for Daddy, anything at all?
Hattie: You really want to know how I feel? I'll tell you. I'm angry, Zeke.
Philip: Angry? Why, Mama?
Hattie: Because he promised he'd never leave me. Crazy as it may seem, I believed him. One morning last month, I woke up early, went downstairs singing, got a big breakfast on the stove. Suddenly, I realized I was the only one there to eat it. Remembering is easy, Zeke. It's the times that I forget he's gone that I can't stand.
Philip: Oh, Mama, I am so sorry. It's just that I lost Daddy and when I saw you with Ed, I thought I was gonna lose you, too.
Hattie: You're not gonna lose me, Zeke. Of course you may have to loan me out on occasion. [they hug] You can let go now, Zeke.
Philip: As soon as Ed leaves.


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Quote from Philip

Philip: Mama wasn't playing cards with Mrs. Sweeting last night. She was out with Ed, the handyman. I saw them kissing good night.
Vivian: Um, sweetheart, I understand why you're upset but your parents had a long, wonderful marriage. But your mother's been alone for almost a year now. Can you imagine how lonely she must be? If she's found someone, can't you just be happy for her?
Philip: No.
Vivian: Philip, think about it. If you die tomorrow, what would you want me to do?
Philip: Jump in with me and bring the kids.
Vivian: Oh, you don't mean that.
Philip: You're right. Leave the kids.

Quote from Hilary

Will: Is this the saddest sight that you've seen, man? Other than your girlfriend in biker shorts?
Ashley: We are doing just fine, thank you.
Hilary: As a matter of fact, as soon as we put it together, we'll be done.

Quote from Philip

Vivian: So, Ed, Hattie tells us that you grew up on a farm.
Ed: That's right, a horse farm.
Philip: My daddy had a horse.
Carlton: Mr. Downer, what breed did you raise?
Ed: Appaloosas. They have the most beautiful spotted coats.
Philip: My dad had a spotted coat, then he had it cleaned.
Ashley: Did you have any other animals on your farm?
Ed: Of course, we had chickens, cows, and a great old dog named Brownie.
Philip: My dad loved brownies. He once ate a whole pan-full.
Will: That explains a lot.