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Quote from Philip in Granny Gets Busy

Vivian: So, Ed, Hattie tells us that you grew up on a farm.
Ed: That's right, a horse farm.
Philip: My daddy had a horse.
Carlton: Mr. Downer, what breed did you raise?
Ed: Appaloosas. They have the most beautiful spotted coats.
Philip: My dad had a spotted coat, then he had it cleaned.
Ashley: Did you have any other animals on your farm?
Ed: Of course, we had chickens, cows, and a great old dog named Brownie.
Philip: My dad loved brownies. He once ate a whole pan-full.
Will: That explains a lot.


 ‘Granny Gets Busy’ Quotes

Quote from Philip

Philip: Mama wasn't playing cards with Mrs. Sweeting last night. She was out with Ed, the handyman. I saw them kissing good night.
Vivian: Um, sweetheart, I understand why you're upset but your parents had a long, wonderful marriage. But your mother's been alone for almost a year now. Can you imagine how lonely she must be? If she's found someone, can't you just be happy for her?
Philip: No.
Vivian: Philip, think about it. If you die tomorrow, what would you want me to do?
Philip: Jump in with me and bring the kids.
Vivian: Oh, you don't mean that.
Philip: You're right. Leave the kids.

Quote from Hilary

Will: Is this the saddest sight that you've seen, man? Other than your girlfriend in biker shorts?
Ashley: We are doing just fine, thank you.
Hilary: As a matter of fact, as soon as we put it together, we'll be done.

Quote from Will

Will: It's Willsenio Smith! Tonight, on The Willsenio Smith Show a boy making a videotape for his mama. Give it up for him. Hi, Mom, it's me. You know, Aunt Viv told me that you finally came into the '90s, and you bought a VCR. So I thought I'd make a little tape for you. Well, I've grown a little bit since you've seen me, about an inch and a half. Oh, and check this out, I got some chest hairs now. Look. See? Digger One there. Digger one... Oh, that must have been sweater lint. Well, anyway, hold up. We'll be right back after these messages. Have you ever felt, you know, not so fresh? No, just kidding, Mama. Hold on, hold on, check it out. Got an A+ on my Spanish test. Man, muchos brainos en el cabeza, si? Man. But, yo, I better vmonos 'cause you know how Uncle Phil gets if anybody hold up dinner.
Philip: [o.s.] Will!
Will: [speaks Spanish] That means, "How much is the espadrilles?" Hey, yo. I don't know how to say, "l miss you, Mom." But I do. All right. Adios. Oh, cut it, Ash.