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Quote from Will in Get a Job

Will: Hey, hey, hey. Maurice, hold on, hold on. Hey, listen, man, this really doesn't have anything to do with you. You kind of drifted into a no-fly zone. Look, Potsie don't know what he talking about, all right? Look, you are all of that, and the truth of the matter is Hilary's show is really cool, the audience is growing every day and, furthermore, you'd have a great time doing it.
Maurice Perry: I don't know.
Will: Hey, look. Come on, man. I'm telling you. The honeys is buzzing around there like a straight-up beehive, you know? You know?
Maurice Perry: All right, I'll do the show.
Will: All right.
Maurice Perry: But keep the Smurf away from me.

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