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Cold Feet, Hot Body

‘Cold Feet, Hot Body’

Season 5, Episode 23 - Aired May 1, 1995

A new student, Denise (Robin Givens), won't take no for an answer from Will.

Quote from Carlton

Lisa: Oh, Denise, I'm so happy you could make it. Everyone, this is my new friend, Denise.
Hilary: Hi.
Lisa: This is Hilary, Ashley, Kevin, and this is Carlton.
Carlton: Miss me, miss me Now you gotta... Nice seeing you again, Denise.


Quote from Will

Lisa: And, of course, there's someone I really want you to meet, this is my fiancé, Will. Isn't he cute?
Denise: Cute? That's an understatement. He's gorgeous.
Will: [laughs] Me? Ha. No. Gorgeous, no. Man, I'm not. I got big ears and I got a big high butt, you know?
Denise: Modest too. What a catch.
Will: Oh, yeah. That's right, Lisa caught me. Yeah, I'm too big to throw back, though, ain't I, baby? [chuckles]

Quote from Will

Denise: Listen, I hate to ask, but my ride only dropped me off so I'm kind of stuck. You don't suppose-
Lisa: Oh, well, I could give you a ride home, it's just that I need to stay and help clean up. Will.
Philip: [grunts] What the hell are you doing?
Will: Shh! Nothing, you know, just suddenly got a little hot in here. Brother looking for a little shade.

Quote from Will

Lisa: Will, Denise needs a ride home.
Will: Yeah, baby. No.
Denise: Hey, well, that's okay. I can walk, it's only... 11 miles.
Will: Wait, wait. We ain't gonna let you walk no 11 miles. Baby, where's Nicky's skateboard? Oh, all right. All right. I'll do you. It! It! I'll do it. I mean, I'll give you a ride. Oh, no. No, come on.

Quote from Will

Denise: Doesn't that feel good?
Will: Oh, yeah, I've always liked silk.
Denise: No, I mean us. I knew I could make you forget about your fiancée.
Will: Hey, whoa, wait a minute. Ain't nobody making me forget about my fiancée. I love... Lucy. That ain't it, is it?
Denise: It's Lisa.
Will: Ah, that's right. That's right.
Denise: Will, just relax. Don't fight it. Just do what feels right.
Will: Okay. [leans in] Bye, Denise. I love that girl too much. I am not going out like that.

Quote from Will

Will: Uh, I think I must have dropped my keys when you attacked me. Could you see? [Denise finds the keys]
Thank you. [Denise drops the keys down her top] [Will scoffs] Keep the car.

Quote from Will

Lisa: Hey, baby.
Will: Hey.
Lisa: What did you need to talk about that was so important?
Will: Look, Lisa... All right, baby, listen. I love you.
Lisa: Oh, Will. [chuckles]
Will: [to camera] Oh, yeah, like, I'm gonna listen to Geoffrey. When was the last time you seen him with a woman?

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