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Quote from Kelso in The Trials of Michael Kelso

Kelso: Hey, guys.
Jackie: What's that?
Kelso: Oh, it's just this little crib-like thing I made for Eggy.
Donna: Eggy?
Kelso: Yeah, I named him. I don't know, this egg is, like, bringing out all the parental stuff in me.
Jackie: Michael, what happened to the pencil mark I made on the bottom?
Kelso: Oh. Must have come off when I was giving him his gentle bath.
Donna: Nice.
Jackie: Michael, I knew you had this in you. You are gonna make a great dad one day.
Kelso: Yeah. Uh-oh. Somebody needs a change.
Jackie: Aww.


 ‘The Trials of Michael Kelso’ Quotes

Quote from Jackie

Jackie: Donna and I were discussing our careers. I'm going into high-end cosmetics and Donna thinks she'll make a great lumberjack.
Donna: Stop telling everybody that.

Quote from Kelso

Jackie: So what kind of career do you see yourself in?
Kelso: Okay, well, I was considering becoming a doctor.
Jackie: Ooh. A doctor? That's so mature.
Kelso: Or a rodeo clown.
Jackie: Rodeo clown? You want to be a rodeo clown. Why?
Kelso: Rodeo clowns are the unsung heroes of the new West. And you know I've always enjoyed being inside of barrels.

Quote from Jackie

Donna: So if "x" equals seven, then "y" equals?
Jackie: Two?
Donna: Wrong. Kelso?
Kelso: Uh... "l"?
Donna: Also wrong. It's a pretty simple equation, guys. Just think about it for a second.
Kelso: You're so pretty. You don't even need to know math.
Jackie: That's so weird. I was just thinking the same thing.