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Quote from Marcus in Lottery

Amy: I don't see any expense for food. I mean, personally, I... I like food. Anybody else a food person? [all agree]
Glenn: Wow, almost all of you. Well, there's $100 under "other." That's probably for food.
Mateo: So we're supposed to live on under $4 a day for food?
Glenn: Just don't go eating lobster.
Marcus: Or just get one lobster and just eat it a little bit at a time over the course of several weeks. That's what I do.
Cheyenne: There's no line for child care, or going to the doctor.
Amy: Probably because they're just planning on us not getting sick, right?
Marcus: I eat two-week-old unrefrigerated lobster. I'm going to get sick.


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Quote from Garrett

Garrett: [over PA] Attention shoppers, come buy your lottery ticket at customer service right now. There are some people who say the lottery is basically a tax on lower income, less educated people. But you know who doesn't say that? People who win the lottery. [chuckles] There you go, got to be in it to win it, girl.

Quote from Marcus

Glenn: What else can we do to have luxury on a budget?
Marcus: Sometimes, I pee in the shower. It helps save toilet water. It's not why I do it, but it's a plus. I do it to wash my feet. Urine is sterile.

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Quote from Blizzard

Marcus: I had just deuced in the shower.
Isaac: Ugh.
Cheyenne: Ugh.
Amy: Why?
Marcus: Okay, right, when you guys are in the shower and you have to go, you just hold it.
Amy: Yes. Yeah. That's what you do when it's a number two.
Marcus: Sure, so you don't poop in the shower every morning and stamp it down the drain with your feet? [Justine gags]
Isaac: Oh, my God.
Marcus: Okay, whatever. Screw you, snowflakes. Bunch of princesses.

Quote from Health Fund

Marcus: You know what, I'm in too. If it is a pyramid scheme, at least I will be on the top ahead of all these suckers.
Jonah: That is sound logic, Marcus.