Jonah Quote #273

Quote from Jonah in Target

Kelly: It's newly renovated, but it still has its original molding, and it's in walking distance to the farmer's market.
Garrett: That place looks great. You should take it.
Jonah: It just feels a little small, or claustrophobic, or something.
Kelly: Well, I mean, we're not going to find something perfect. I mean, you said the last one was too loud. The one before that was on a slant, and the one before that had a weird curry smell.
Jonah: And I actually like curry, but that was a bad curry. And the scary part is, like, what's it covering? What aren't you smelling?
Garrett: Just think. You'll get to wake up to stuff like that every day.


 ‘Target’ Quotes

Quote from Sandra

Sandra: [to Jeff] Even though we never actually dated, I spent several months telling people we did. And I created these intricate memories of our relationship that feel completely real. And I have these vivid memories of your body on top of me. Your tongue in my mouth. Your hands on my breasts. That kind of thing.
Glenn: Whoo, what a trip down memory lane, huh?

Quote from Glenn

Glenn: I can't believe Jeff is going to Target.
Mateo: So what if Jeff works to Target? What is the big deal?
Glenn: Jeff has seen Cloud 9 from the inside. He knows all our secrets. It's like in football, when they trade a player to another team, and then that player knows how to beat his old team.
Amy: Yeah, but don't they do that all the time in football? Like, isn't that like, a thing?
Glenn: Amy, don't talk sports. You're embarrassing yourself.

Quote from Glenn

Glenn: [on the phone] Oh, oh, hi, yeah, um, I want to buy a dog with a birthmark around its eye, but in the shape of a blue cloud. Well, your website says you have all breeds. Well, that's misleading, don't you think? Well, I do! [hangs up] Sorry, dealing with some false advertising there.