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Quote from Justine in Tornado

Carol: I think we should fire the sluts.
Justine: I hope not all of us sluts.
Dina: You're not a slut, Justine. Stop trying to seem interesting.


 ‘Tornado’ Quotes

Quote from Myrtle

Myrtle: This may not be politically correct... but let's just fire all the minorities.

Quote from Marcus

Marcus: Oh! You wanna fire me? Well, guess what? If I go... Mateo goes, too. We have an alliance. Right, buddy? [Mateo moves away] Oh, real nice. So much for Dave Matthews fans sticking together.

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Quote from Favoritism

Amy: Okay, let's start by hearing everybody's work experience. You first, Justine.
Justine: Oh, okay. Well, um, I have worked here for over three years, and before that I was a dog groomer. So I guess you could say I am good with hot-tempered bitches. [chuckles] I'm sorry. I'm very nervous.
Amy: No, thank you, Justine, for answering the question.

Quote from Self-Care

Marcus: She is! She's sleeping.
Jonah: Guys, okay, look. She's been working very hard.
Justine: Unlike us? I haven't stopped working since my shift started.
Jonah: Yeah, that's... That's kind of the deal.