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Quote from Justine in Local Vendors Day

Glenn: Come on, you guys should know me by now. I never pressure you. So this is not my fault.
Justine: I felt pressured to buy cookies from your foster kids. And then someone in Tucson bought a Vespa with my credit card, and the bank said I had to prove that I wasn't in Tucson. How would I even do that?
Glenn: You take a picture of yourself with a newspaper not from Tucson.
Kelly: You made me take care of the tropical fish that you raised even though I can't afford the tank maintenance. I had to take out a loan.
Sandra: My sister was in labor, and you "needed" me to change your screensaver to flying toasters. She gave birth in her tub.
Glenn: Okay, okay. Okay, I... I am sorry, then. I'll never pressure you again.
Justine: Okay.
Sandra: Okay.
Justine: And it's like, why would I even want a Vespa? My vertigo was going crazy at the time. I had to sit down in the shower.

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