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Quote from Mateo in Safety Training

Jeff: Mateo, I'm not stupid. I know why you're doing this.
Mateo: You do?
Jeff: Yeah, why waste an opportunity to make me look incompetent in front of my bosses, right?
Mateo: Oh. I mean no, that's not what...
Jeff: Okay, well, you may hate me, but I still care about you. So there. 10 grand. You're welcome.
Mateo: $10,000? I thought it was $50,000. Doesn't matter. Okay... Jeff, I don't want this.
Jeff: Well, you're taking it. I'm faxing the paperwork to legal right now.
Mateo: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, you can't... you can't do that.
Jeff: Why not?
Mateo: It's complicated.
Jeff: I was in love with you. And you dumped me out of the blue, so unless there's some reason I just can't get my...
Mateo: I'm undocumented! That's why I couldn't transfer stores. That's why I can't take the money. And that's why I couldn't go on a Carnival cruise with your family. But also, like... cruises are gross.
Jeff: So wait.
Mateo: I never hated you.

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