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Quote from Amy in Maternity Leave

Garrett: Yikes.
Jonah: Hey, Ames. Y- You okay?
Garrett: Yeah, I'm not trying to flatter you or anything, but you look like the homeless lady who sleeps next to the loading dock.
Amy: I've never been so tired. I was doing go-backs, and I couldn't remember where the Toy aisle was. And then I found it, and I unloaded my cart but then realized that firewood doesn't belong in the Toy aisle. And then I think I took someone else's cart, because I don't think we think we sell this bag with a wallet and keys and someone's mail in it.
Jonah: Amy, you're, uh... You...
Amy: Are you [bleep] kidding me?
Jonah: She's lactating.
Garrett: Yeah, I know how breasts work.

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