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Quote from Dina in Secret Shopper

Dina: First time in our store?
Woman: [gasps] Oh, no. I've been here before.
Dina: Really? Because I have a pretty good memory for faces, right there... [clicks tongue] In my brain.
Woman: Well, you must have forgotten mine.
Dina: [chuckles] Yeah, I don't think so. It's very distinctive looking. But maybe it was my mistake. Guess you're just a regular customer doing some regular pet food shopping. Say, what type of pet do you have?
Woman: It's a dog.
Dina: What kind?
Woman: Cockapoo-
Dina: How old?
Woman: Four-
Dina: Gender?
Woman: Girl.
Dina: Well... Looks like you've got an answer for everything. So I'll just leave you to your shopping. [chuckles] Oh! I almost forgot to ask. What's your cat's name?
Woman: It's a dog.
Dina: Sure it is.

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