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Quote from Todd in My Sacrificial Clam

Todd: Push it out. Two more. Come on, kid. Bitchin' reps.
Dr. Cox: A dumb-ass says what?
Todd: What?
Dr. Cox: I said, "A dumb-ass says what?"
Todd: What?


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Quote from Nurse Roberts

J.D.: [v.o.] And I was having problems with my lady too.
Nurse Roberts: Can we get a move on, Q-Tip? I got tickets to Bring in 'Da Noise, Bring in 'Da Funk and I don't want to miss the noise.

Quote from J.D.

J.D.: [v.o.] You know, when you start med school, they warn you that you're gonna have to make sacrifices. But I guess that means different things to different people. Like giving up something you really want now for something you've wanted your whole life. Or spending less time on yourself so you can spend more time with someone you love. At some point, you might even have to give up your own sense of safety and well being. But after a while, it doesn't feel like you're giving up anything at all.
Mr. Winston: Hey, doc.
J.D.: You know what? Let's talk Superfudge.

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Quote from My First Step

Todd: Speaking of things that are perfectly fine... That was a compliment. Why won't any women talk to me?
Nurse: Because you're slimy and turn everything into a double entendre.
Todd: Not true.
Turk: Go ahead.
Todd: I'd like to double her entendre. Please. [Todd and Turk high-five]

Quote from My Roommates

J.D.: Thanks for letting us crash here, man.
Todd: The Todd's not accustomed to receiving gentleman callers.
J.D.: Okay. Oh, cool picture. Which one of those guys is you?
Todd: Oh, I don't swim. So there's only one rule if you're gonna stay at "El Casa de Todd". You got to hammock up.
J.D.: Oh, I don't have one of those, Todd.
Todd: No problem. What are you, about a medium?
J.D.: Extra-medium.
Todd: This will work. And it'll look good, too.