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Quote from Dr. Kelso in My New Role

Dr. Kelso: Listen, if he wanted to find a place to hide your patient, he could. He's just stressed, and out of his elements, and hell, he's scared. And even if he hasn't realized it, this job is changing him already. Because it comes with a whole host of overwhelming responsibilities, including keeping this hospital afloat.
J.D.: I'd help him if he'd let me, but you know he won't.
Dr. Kelso: When I was Chief, and Dr. Cox came to begin complained about something, I would automatically say no. And if he never complained again, I'd know it wasn't that important. But if he came back and fought for it, over and over, I knew it was something that I have to take a look at. Now, he's me, and he's got this damn voice in his head telling him to say no all the time, and he desperately needs someone on the other side to tell him what he should do, whether he wants to hear it or not. And now, that person is you. Here we are.
J.D.: Will he at least be grateful?
Dr. Kelso: No. He's gonna hate you for it. Go!

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