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Schitt's Creek: Driving Test

304. Driving Test

Aired January 31, 2017

David is worried about taking his driving test again. Meanwhile, Johnny and Moira jump into action when Stevie signals she might sell the motel.

Quote from Alexis

Alexis: I don't know why you didn't ask me first, David. I have my license in seven different countries. And I have my "F" Class.
David: Isn't that for transport trucks?!
Alexis: Yes, well, I had a lot of people to move! Anyway, it's not a big deal. You just get in, you do what they tell you, and then you get out. And wear your best hair perfume.
David: Okay, I don't have hair perfume, and not all of us can flirt our way into getting a driver's license!
Alexis: Okay, you try parallel parking in a burka, David. No amount of flirting can get you out of that, trust me!


Quote from Alexis

David: Okay, I'm gonna need you to step out of the car for 20 minutes, so that I can do my transcendental meditation before I fail this test.
Alexis: Okay, you are acting all sorts of crazy right now. This honestly does not matter. Nobody cares.
David: Uh, people care. I care, the driving examiner person cares.
Alexis: No, he doesn't. Trust me, people aren't thinking about you the way that you're thinking about you.
David: What does that mean?
Alexis: You always over think everything, and that's why you fail all the time.

Quote from Stevie

David: The upside is that you are your own boss now.
Stevie: Or I'm the owner of a very sad business with one under-performing employee.

Quote from Alexis

David: Okay, just because everything falls in your lap, doesn't mean it falls in everyone else's.
Alexis: What does?!
David: What?
Alexis: What falls in my lap?
David: Stuff! Things. Opportunities.
Alexis: Things don't fall in my lap!
David: Okay, I'm just saying, that you've always just gotten stuff, without realizing that other people don't skate through life the same way you do.
Alexis: I don't skate through life, David, I walk through life. In really nice shoes.

Quote from David

Johnny: And what about your license?
David: What about it?
Johnny: Do you have it?
David: It's fine.
Johnny: It was a yes or no question.
David: Okay, yes, it's fine. We're going up the street, I don't need my license.
Johnny: David, we just insured the car, and you can't drive it unless you have your license on you, so could you go get it, please?
David: It's expired.
Johnny: When did your license expire?!
David: I don't know! Like, last month.
Johnny: Then you're not driving!
David: Well, I drove the car yesterday.
Johnny: Well, that's illegal, David.

Quote from Stevie

David: So many boxes.
Stevie: And most of them are filled with paperwork I have to go through, so I'm just hoping I contract some deadly lung infection from the dust before I have to open another one.

Quote from Ronnie

Moira: But this cause affects everyone. We all know, or are, people who live in the motel. In closing, I move that we free up heritage funds for the motel, effective immediately, all in favour, say Aye. Ronnie, you're with me? I see that you're scratching. Bob! You're making a note!
Bob: Oh, just writing uh, "Visit new pulp mill." Yeah, Roland got me thinking.
Roland: I hear the floors are so clean, you can eat your lunch off them.
Ronnie: I laid those floors.

Quote from David

Alexis: No, and you never take my advice. And I'm always the last person you turn to.
David: What do you want me to say?
Alexis: Well like, what makes me different than Stevie or Mom? You trust them with stuff.
David: Okay, you wanna talk trust?! Stevie and Mom weren't running around the world for a decade and a half with random men, leaving me at home to wonder whether they were okay!
Alexis: Well, I'm sorry for having fun, David. With a selection of very confident international men. But I was always okay.
David: Were you?! Because I was the one at the consulate sending you temporary passports, and coloured contacts lenses whenever you needed them. I was the one at home, not having fun because I was constantly worried which East Asian palace Alexis was being held hostage in this week. Not Mom and Dad. Me!
Alexis: Well, you didn't have to worry about me.
David: Well, I did.

Quote from Ray

Ray: Maybe we should discuss this at a later date, or, um, when Mr. Rose has left the room.
Johnny: Well, I'm not leaving, and Stevie's not selling.
Stevie: I might be selling. I-I can't do this on my own, so.
Johnny: Well, maybe not on your own, but, um, what if you had a partner?
Ray: Stevie, as your agent, I would advise against partnering with somebody who has no capital, no contacts, no industry experience.
Johnny: Well, thank you, Ray, but I did run a big corporation, and I'm perfectly capable of handling this. And I think it's something I wanna do.
Ray: Oh well, this is all very exciting. However, if any of this falls through for any reason, perhaps one of the ones I mentioned, then do give me a call.

Quote from David

David: Yeah I just feel like the whole session was rushed. Like, there was no back lighting, or emotional direction.
Alexis: Nobody likes their driver's license photo, David.
David: Okay, yeah, I was just hoping I would get some options.

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