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Quote from April in Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington

Leslie Knope: Thank you for coming.
April: Yeah, well, I had to miss the memorable rain gutters of Washington walking tour, so, this better be good.
Leslie Knope: I'm sorry I blew up at you yesterday. I really want all of my friends to be happy together, but, more importantly, I just want them to be happy. If you feel like you need to move on, I totally get it.
April: [long exhale] Okay. Turn around.
Leslie Knope: What? Why?
April: Because I'm about to say something serious and I can't do it if I have to look you in the eye. Please.
Leslie Knope: Okay.
April: Now take your shoes off and wear them like mittens.
Leslie Knope: April.
April: Okay, sorry. When I started working for you, I was aimless and just thought everything was stupid and lame, and you turned me into someone with goals and ambition, which is really the only reason why I'm even thinking about what I really want. I just... wanna say thank you. And I love you very much. Which is why I have decided not to turn you into a sea urchin, which I could do, because I am an actual witch with powers and I'm evil I know... and I hate everything.
Leslie Knope: I know you do. I know. Thank you, April.

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