Paul Quote #2

Quote from Paul in Thanksgiving

Jess: Welcome to our home.
Paul: Thank you. Hey.
Jess: [sings] It ain't so quirky to eat a lot of turkey On this Thanksgiving Day-ay-ay.
Paul: My belly's wanting something A pie made out of pumpkin In every gobble-gobble way-ay-ay. [both snicker; talks] I didn't know you were going back to back. Happy Thanksgiving.
Nick: Oh, my God, there's two of them.


 ‘Thanksgiving’ Quotes

Quote from Jess

Nick: It doesn't matter what I think, does it? 'Cause I don't have to have sex with him.
Jess: I do. I want to. I want to have sex with him big-time.
Nick: Great.
Jess: You heard me! Big-time! Okay? I want to take him down to Chinatown and slice him off a piece of this pumpkin pie, okay?
Paul: [to Winston] What is pumpkin pie?
Jess: I want to do all the things that you do in a bedroom, with him, okay? I want to do it standing up and sitting down, and half-up and half-down, and the wiggly one, and the Bear Attack, and the claws in the head, and the one the figure skaters do, and the What's For Lunch, and the... Give Me That Hat. Let's just say that I'm good. I'm really, really good. And I don't care what you think!

Quote from Schmidt

Schmidt: It's our thing, Jess. It's Dudesgiving.
Nick: Okay, no matter how many e-mails you send, that's not a thing.
Schmidt: It's real, man. It's totally real.
Nick: It's not real. We're not calling it that.

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Quote from Bad in Bed

Jess: I just haven't had sex with anyone but Spencer in six years, and I get so nervous. It's like starting a new job with a really weird interview.
Paul: Don't worry about it. I'm good. I'm more than good. It's okay.
Jess: You know what? Tomorrow night. Let's just go out to dinner and then just nail each other. Just pound each other. V-bomb on the P-bomb. [makes explosion noise]
Paul: I would have the... P-bomb, right?

Quote from Walk of Shame

Jess: Los Angeles! [shoes squeaking] We are sluts and we are clowns! But we are not losers!
Cece: We are not losers!
Paul: Yes! No, we're adventurers!
Winston: Shame, shame, I know your name.
Paul: Ah... yo, Nicholas!
Nick: Hey, Genzlinger! I miss you, man! Great shoes!
Paul: Guess what, guys, I'm still here. Take that, Lyme's disease!