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Quote from Adrian Monk in Mr. Monk and the Airplane

Leigh: Let me guess. First time on a plane?
Adrian Monk: Oh, no, no. I've been on a plane before.
Leigh: Where'd you go?
Adrian Monk: Well, uh... Didn't actually go anywhere. Before we took off, I was crying so much, they asked my mother and me to leave the plane.
Sharona: Tell her how old you were.
Adrian Monk: I was, uh, 27.


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Quote from Adrian Monk

Sharona: Oh, my God, that is Tim Daly! I love him!
Adrian Monk: What is he, some kind of actor?
Sharona: Yeah. Yeah. He was on that show, Wings.
Adrian Monk: Never saw it. Was it good?
Sharona: Well, he was.

Quote from Adrian Monk

Sharona: Okay. I got good news and bad news. What do you want to hear first?
Adrian Monk: Neither.
Sharona: Well, you gotta pick one.
Adrian Monk: I don't want to. If you tell me the good news first, I won't enjoy it, because I'll be worrying about the bad news, which is coming next. But if you tell me the bad news first, I won't get a chance to enjoy the good news, because I know...

Quote from Sharona

Sharona: Now, do you want the aisle or the middle?
Adrian Monk: Okay. I'll take the... Aisle.
Sharona: You sure?
Adrian Monk: Aisle. Aisle. Middle. Middle. Oh, middle. Aisle! Aisle! I'm just gonna wait. Aisle. Middle.
Warren Beach: Mister. Mister. Take this one. I won't mind.
Sharona: Oh, no, no, no. Please don't offer him a third choice. His head will explode.

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Quote from Mr. Monk and the Daredevil

Natalie: Where are you going?
Adrian Monk: Bathroom.
Captain Stottlemeyer: Why? [Monk is silent] I'll go with you.
Adrian Monk: I don't think so.
Captain Stottlemeyer: No, let me go with you.
Natalie: We promised Dr. Kroger we wouldn't leave you alone.
Adrian Monk: I am not suicidal. I just wish I was never born. There's a difference.

Quote from Mr. Monk Is At Your Service

Natalie: Are you afraid of frogs?
Adrian Monk: I don't know. I've never been this close to one. [A frog lands on Monk's shoe] Yes. The answer is yes. Put frogs on the list. Where's the list?
Natalie: I got it. I got it. Where does it go?
Adrian Monk: Put them between possums and, uh, soccer riots. No, no, no. Uh, after after soccer riots. And before, uh, before hailstones. Yeah, so it goes...
Natalie: I got it, I got it: Soccer riots, frogs, hailstones.
Adrian Monk: At least now we know. Information really is power.

Quote from Mr. Monk Gets Fired

Ms. Lennington: Mr. Monk, what would you say is your greatest strength?
Adrian Monk: Oh. Mm... [long, expectant pause] My decisiveness.