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Quote from Natalie in Mr. Monk Goes to a Wedding

Peggy Davenport: Oh, now, sweetheart, I'm sorry about your friend. But there isn't anything that you can do. So now we just have to... what?
Natalie: We soldier on.
Peggy Davenport: That's right. We soldier on. Uh, now, the rehearsal dinner is in about 20 minutes, so...
Natalie: What's that?
Peggy Davenport: Uh, oh, I found this outside.
Natalie: But those are Randy's pants.
Peggy Davenport: Oh, yes, I thought that this color would be good to show the wedding planner for the tablecloths.
Natalie: Khaki?
Peggy Davenport: No, the blood! Crimson! The ones she picked were sort of raspberry. Didn't go with any of the flowers at all.
Natalie: Mom, that's an evidence bag.
Peggy Davenport: Yes.
Natalie: You can't just take it from a crime scene. That's a felony.
Peggy Davenport: Well, the tablecloths are a felony, darling. And I'm going to give it back.

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