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Quote from Adrian Monk in Mr. Monk Goes to a Wedding

Adrian Monk: Natalie, that gift shop does not have my toothbrush. They do not carry the Gertler 4000. What am I supposed to do?
Natalie: We're gonna worry about that later. Come on, we're late. The rehearsal dinner's in 20 minutes.
Adrian Monk: You said "we"? You said "we're late?" I heard you say "we."
Natalie: You're my date. Congratulations.
Adrian Monk: Oh, wait! Here's the thing.
Natalie: Mr. Monk, someone did this to Randy. Maybe somebody in my family. You're a detective, right? This is your chance to look around.
Adrian Monk: Here's the thing.
Natalie: Here's the thing! I can't go in there alone! You're my date!

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