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Adrian Monk: Natalie, that gift shop does not have my toothbrush. They do not carry the Gertler 4000. What am I supposed to do?
Natalie: We're gonna worry about that later. Come on, we're late. The rehearsal dinner's in 20 minutes.
Adrian Monk: You said "we"? You said "we're late?" I heard you say "we."
Natalie: You're my date. Congratulations.
Adrian Monk: Oh, wait! Here's the thing.
Natalie: Mr. Monk, someone did this to Randy. Maybe somebody in my family. You're a detective, right? This is your chance to look around.
Adrian Monk: Here's the thing.
Natalie: Here's the thing! I can't go in there alone! You're my date!


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Lieutenant Disher: What's that?
Captain Stottlemeyer: It's cellophane. Monk's idea.
Adrian Monk: It's to protect the cake. Makes it more fun.
Lieutenant Disher: For what?
Adrian Monk: Well, when you blow out the candles, there's always a little, what I call, spittle.
Captain Stottlemeyer: Actually a pretty good idea. It's a birthday cake spittle shield. You know, that's the first idea that you've had that I might actually consider investing in.
Adrian Monk: Thank you.
Natalie: Make a wish. [Disher takes a long, thoughtful moment]
Captain Stottlemeyer: Blow out the candles, lieutenant.
[As Randy blows out the candles, the flames spread to the cellophane cover which ignites. As Randy tries to blow out the fire, Stottlemeyer uses a fire extinguisher.]
Adrian Monk: Hey, happy birthday.
Captain Stottlemeyer: I think I might reconsider that investment.

Quote from Captain Stottlemeyer

Captain Stottlemeyer: Hey, I wonder how Natalie and Randy are doing. I love weddings. Did you know that I met Karen at a wedding? I love weddings anyway. [sees Monk is down] Yep. You know who had a great wedding? You did. You and Trudy. Now, that was a great day. Where is that photo album?
Adrian Monk: She was... Wow!
Captain Stottlemeyer: Beautiful.
Adrian Monk: I remember during the service she was crying so hard, she couldn't even say the words, "I do." Have you ever seen anybody cry so much?
Captain Stottlemeyer: That was you, Monk. And, no, I have not.

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Natalie: Where are you going?
Adrian Monk: Bathroom.
Captain Stottlemeyer: Why? [Monk is silent] I'll go with you.
Adrian Monk: I don't think so.
Captain Stottlemeyer: No, let me go with you.
Natalie: We promised Dr. Kroger we wouldn't leave you alone.
Adrian Monk: I am not suicidal. I just wish I was never born. There's a difference.

Quote from Mr. Monk Is At Your Service

Natalie: Are you afraid of frogs?
Adrian Monk: I don't know. I've never been this close to one. [A frog lands on Monk's shoe] Yes. The answer is yes. Put frogs on the list. Where's the list?
Natalie: I got it. I got it. Where does it go?
Adrian Monk: Put them between possums and, uh, soccer riots. No, no, no. Uh, after after soccer riots. And before, uh, before hailstones. Yeah, so it goes...
Natalie: I got it, I got it: Soccer riots, frogs, hailstones.
Adrian Monk: At least now we know. Information really is power.