Pepper Quote #33

Quote from Pepper in The Wedding (Part 1)

Pepper: Have you lost your mind?! [rotates flower arrangement by about 10 degrees] Go! You disgust me! Go!


 ‘The Wedding (Part 1)’ Quotes

Quote from Sal

Sal: Surprise! Guess who's on time.
Mitchell: Oh, my God! Sal, wow, you're pregnant.
Cameron: Congratulations!
Sal: Thank you. We're really excited.
Lily: You're huge.
Sal: Nice teeth.

Quote from Cameron

Cameron: Mitchell! Mitchell! Look at this. Do you think you could fit in there?
Mitchell: I'm not doing that.
Cameron: Then what am I gonna wear to our wedding? My black funeral suit? Is that the tone you want to set?
Mitchell: You wore it to one funeral. And you didn't even know Bea Arthur.
Cameron: I felt like I did.
Mitchell: I know.

Quote from Alex

Alex: [aside to camera] My dad would never admit this, but when he wants fun he goes straight to Luke. They have a weird connection. They're like Batman and Robin. Dad and I are more like Batman and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.