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Quote from Phil in The Last Thanksgiving

Jay: Listen, i-is it possible that you're angry at Dylan for something more than today?
Phil: Well, he did take the last waffle this morning.
Jay: I think it's more about... he took your firstborn. Now, I've been there. It's only natural, you know. Us dads, we're very protective of our daughters, but, uh... In fact, you may get a very strong impulse to fly that plane right into the guy, but don't do it.
Phil: What? I-I would... I would never hurt Dylan. Why would you even think I'd have that impulse?
Jay: I don't know. I thought... you know, the way you were looking at him...
Phil: Wait. Is that what you were thinking 10 years ago? A-All this time, I thought it was my fault! I-I moved my head at the last second. But you hit me on purpose!
Jay: Don't be ridiculous! I just...
Phil: You just what, Jay? Thought it'd be fun to fly a plane into my face? What kind of monster does that to another human be... [Phil flies the plane into his own face]
Jay: Aw, no. [sighs] Look at this. [Jay picks up his plane]

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