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Quote from Sal in Finale Part 1

Sal: I do not like being the first person at a party.
Mitchell: Uh, oh, actually, you're the last one.
Cameron: Yeah, Sal, everybody's gone.
Sal: What?! Boo! Gays used to be so fun, before kids. Come on! Let's do shots! You know this house is only a block from my new place. Well, it's not "mine," but I get to stay there for free 'cause I let the guy who owns it watch me on webcams. Aah! I'm gonna be coming over all the time! Yay! And, um, Happy Face Emoji here can babysit my dogs and kid. And you guys cook, right? Ahh, 'cause my gummy's kicking in.
Mitchell: Actually, I'm feeling better about the move already.

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