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Quote from Sal in Finale Part 1

Sal: I do not like being the first person at a party.
Mitchell: Uh, oh, actually, you're the last one.
Cameron: Yeah, Sal, everybody's gone.
Sal: What?! Boo! Gays used to be so fun, before kids. Come on! Let's do shots! You know this house is only a block from my new place. Well, it's not "mine," but I get to stay there for free 'cause I let the guy who owns it watch me on webcams. Aah! I'm gonna be coming over all the time! Yay! And, um, Happy Face Emoji here can babysit my dogs and kid. And you guys cook, right? Ahh, 'cause my gummy's kicking in.
Mitchell: Actually, I'm feeling better about the move already.


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Quote from Jay

Jay: Ta-da! [all gasp] He's an old-time barkeep. Now, check it out. He's a big guy, like Cam, and he's got red hair, like you!
Mitchell: Dad! This is exactly what we needed... a little whimsy! I love it!
Gloria: No, you don't. Other gays, tell him. [all speak supportively]
Jay: We're gonna have so much fun with this guy. We can throw a-an Uncle Sam hat on him for the 4th of July, a pilgrim hat for Thanksgiving.
Mitchell: Or a rainbow wig for... for Pride.
Jay: Well, it's a piece of art. I don't think you want to make it silly.
Mitchell: So, does this, uh, big fella have a name?
Jay: Sure does. Since he's a combo of Cam and Mitch, he's Kitsch.

Quote from Jay

Gloria: How are you feeling?
Jay: Uh, it's gonna be weird without them being here all the time. Plus, they got the new kid. Poor guy's gonna grow up with those Missouri closets, thinking that's normal.

Quote from Ronaldo

Ronaldo: Mitchell! I love this house! Do you love it? Say you love it.
Mitchell: I do. I love it. I love the flow. I love the lights. I love the location. There... There's even a karaoke room in the basement.
Ronaldo: [gasps] So fun! The last time I had a hot Mike in my basement... You know what? I'm gonna wait till there are more people here.
Mitchell: Oh, oh, the baby's awake. Do... Do you want to meet him?
Ronaldo: I do. I can ask him if he liked our gift. We never heard.