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Quote from Hal in Health Scare

Hal: Hi, boys. [sits down] You don't know how lucky you are. Everything is new. Everything is open to you. Please, don't ever take that for granted. Make every moment the best you possibly can. God, I am so proud of all of you.
[Hal strokes the hair on the Halloween mask Malcolm put in his bed as a decoy]
Hal: You kids are the best thing I've ever done. You'll never know how much I love you. Maybe you're not supposed to. [sniffs] Sleep well, my little angels.
[Hal goes to kiss Reese and screams when he pops the balloon Reese placed in his bed as a decoy. Dewey screams when he wakes up face-to-face with Malcolm's Halloween mask. Both continue screaming]


 ‘Health Scare’ Quotes

Quote from Francis

Lavernia: You disgust me. You better run home to Mama, so she can kiss your tears away and make you cocoa and tell you- [Francis punches back]
Francis: For your information, my mother's a tormenting control freak. It would never occur to her to make me cocoa!

Quote from Reese

Malcolm: You can't call that a short cut! A shortcut has to be shorter!
Reese: Says who?!
Malcolm: Says the word!
Reese: No, a shortcut is just when you don't use regular streets.
Malcolm: So, according to you, if it took 150 years to cross the street, just as long as you went through some bushes and trees, that would qualify as a short cut?!
Reese: God, you hate being wrong.

Quote from Reese

[After Malcolm and Reese jump out of their beds fully-dressed at 11pm, Reese holds a hand mirror under the bedroom door.]
Malcolm: Booby trapped?
Reese: A broom handle tied to a string of tin cans. A classic.
Malcolm: You know, if Mom ever trusted us, I think she'd be pleasantly surprised.
[Malcolm and Reese put decoys in their beds to make it look like they're sleeping]
Reese: Yeah. We're basically good kids.