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Quote from Spangler in Krelboyne Girl

Hal: [on the phone] Yes, Commandant Spangler, this is Francis' father. I'm- I'm afraid I... lied to you. Francis is the cadet responsible for damaging your car.
Spangler: I see. Well, that puts me in somewhat of an awkward position. You see, the culprit is being disciplined as we speak.
Hal: But Francis did it. You- You're punishing the wrong cadet.
Spangler: I beg your pardon. In my 30 years at this academy I have never caned the wrong cadet.
Hal: Sir, did you say "caned"?
Spangler: No.
Hal: Sir...
Spangler: Consider the matter closed.
Hal: But, sir, you... [Spangler hangs up]
Spangler: Take five, fellas.

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