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Quote from Ted in Sorry, Bro

Ted: We had great time, catching up. We even laughed about what jerks we were back then.
[flashback to Ted and Karen having dinner recently:]
Karen: I can't believe I had a beret for each day of the week.
Ted: I can't believe I had an iron-on image of Moliere on my backpack.
Karen: Man, we were pretentious.
Ted: So pretentious.
Waiter: What can I get you?
Karen: Hi, um, I don't want to cause a scene but your wine list has a Chateauneuf du Pape listed under the Cote de Provence. You might want to alert your sommelier
Waiter: And, for you?
Ted: I hate to go off-menu but, can you bring us some bruschett with fresh mozzarell? Grazie.


 ‘Sorry, Bro’ Quotes

Quote from Barney

Barney: Ted, sure it's fun to look back at a time when you were a fresh-faced farm girl with a virgin's glow. But all that stuff, Ohio, Karen, college? All that was B.S. Before Stinson. Now, your life is awesome! I mean, yeah, you still live with your ex-girlfriend which is ridiculous. Your Laser Tag chops are almost nonexistent. And your wardrobe! It's like, what? Are you allergic to quality fabrics? Seriously Ted, shape up! What were we talking about?

Quote from Marshall

Ted: So Karen in New York, weird, right?
Lily: Ted, you cannot get back together with Karen.
Ted: I never said I was going to get back together with her. But I was thinking she's new in town, would it be the worst thing in the world if I gave her a call?
Marshall: No, Ted. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, it would be the fourth worst thing. Number 1, super volcano. Number 2, an asteroid hits the Earth. Number 3, all footage of Evel Knievel is lost. Number 4, Ted calls Karen. Number 5, Lily gets eaten by a shark.
Lily: I'm Lily and I approve the order of that list.

Quote from Robin

Robin: Wait. This happen in our apartment? Where was I?
Ted: You know, those sleeping pills you're taking to keep on your crazy new schedule? I think they're stronger than you realize.
[flashback to Ted and Karen moving from the couch to his bedroom in the apartment. They pass Robin, who is passed out at the desk:]
Robin: [talking in her sleep] La Fontaine gets the puck to Turgeon. Turgeon shoots. Glove save!