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Quote from Lily in Twin Beds

[As Lily and Marshall try to sleep in bed:]
Marshall: [inner monologue] My God, she's a thousand degrees! It's like putting my leg against a tailpipe.
Lily: [inner monologue] Ow! His toenails are like daggers.
Marshall: [inner monologue] I'd love a sandwich, but no eating in bed. Stupid rule. We have ants one time.
Lily: [inner monologue] Great, and now he's falling asleep. Cue the river of drool.
Marshall: [inner monologue] Ugh, my knee itches. Just one little scratch.
[The whole bed shakes as Marshall scratches[
Lily: Marshall! I think we should get separate beds.
Marshall: Yes! A mini fridge and separate beds.
Lily: Deal!

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